A Soldier’s Story From The War In Afghanistan

War Is Hell!

War is horrible, no mistake about that fact. There is a common statement about the conditions in the heat of a battle…”the fog of war”.  So it is easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback after the fact. But it is pretty tough when it comes to the real deal.

So, here’s is the personal eye witness account about ONE battle that occurred during the Afghanistan war. It is not pretty and if you stop and think about what this retired officer said, you can see that the choices to be made during a battle are not always easy or cut and dried. They are however, life and death!

Look Inside 5 Of The World’s Most Luxurious Jets

If you had a choice between flying first class and flying in a private jet, which would you choose? Yeah, I know, what a dumb question.

Well with that out of the way, check out these incredible jets and their incredible price tags.

Kegel Exercises for Women

Most women if they are not already exercising their Kegel Muscles, need to be exercising them regularly. Not only will Kegel muscles exercises help with intimacy, but they will help guard against female incontinence, a common issue among women who have given birth.

One of the best ways for a woman to exercise her Yoni muscles is to use jade eggs that a a string attached to the narrow end. This method of exercise has been used since the royal Asian courts hundreds of years ago. This method is still viable today. If you need to learn more and get your own set of jade eggs, then check out these jade Kegel muscle exercise eggs by Essence of Jade, the Original Kegel Eggs.


Staying healthy and fit is so important. It is really amazing how many different ways there are to not only get fit, but to stay fit. Exercising can be done so many different ways, so there is really no excuse not to exercise. Just find the one(s) that work for you and do them regularly. Here’s cool routine you can try click here.


Check out these 14 fashion hacks to help your wardrobe stay up to date. You will be surprised by these tips because they are so simple. You will wonder why you did not think of them. Any way, watch this video and see how easily you can implement these hacks to improve your look even when accidents happen and you think all is lost.


Looking for the latest 2017 fashions for women. What better place to see what’s new than at the Paris spring fashion show. Here is Channel’s latest offerings. Hope you like what you see and can afford what you like. 🙂


Are you thinking about getting a new computer monitor. Bet you are thinking about getting a BIGGER one! Check out this video for some tips about how to choose a new monitor. You might be surprised by what you learn. If you want to see a cool monitor for sale, go here.


Thinking about getting an iMac 27 inch all-in-one computer. Well check out this video to see the unit this guy got.

Of course if you want to see the latest Apple iMac 27 inch, drop in to your local Apple store if you have one near by. Otherwise go to visit Apple’s website.

Rock Music

There have been and still are so many great Rock and Roll groups and individual players, it is impossible to choose just one. So with that in mind here’s one of America’s own original rockers. This video was made several years ago when Bruce Springsteen was at the height of his popularity. It is very interesting that he created such a patriotic type song back in the day. Hope you enjoy it.

To learn more of Bruce today, check out the official Bruce Springsteen website.

Jet Planes

So you are in the market for a private jet. Well look at 10 of the most expensive private jets in this video and see if any of them meet your criteria. I suspect at least one of them will, but then again, some of us have to be unique and copying another just will not do. Up Up and away you go!